28 Temmuz 2007 Cumartesi

Kiosk 24/Graffiti with Gravity/Germany/Herford

Personal Show by Yeni Anıt in Kiosk 24/Germany/Herford

İf graffiti is thought as a three dimentional form, to design it with the permanent and traditional material transforms this modern city action to a permanent document or/and monument. This transformations of graffiti solves the problem of the installation of graffiti to the artspace. But This is not a graffiti anymore. Well, İs this a Graffiti Sculpture? İf The significant relationship between the graffiti and city wall and/or  surface is recognized, the work of arts of  new colossus can be named as the “ graffiti with gravity”. This is the war between the spray color, volatile and flying, and traditional material, weightness and permanent, such as the style wars on the street.                        

Graffiti with Gravity/2007/DVD video (3’22’’)

Graffiti With Gravity-Yerçekimli Grafiti 

new colossus
is a personal history project
in which artistic documents to
monuments are transformed by ferhat kamil satici.

sculpture is a document of carving and assembling.
construction is a document of dividing
and combining.
static is a document of gravity.
form is a document of process.
art is a document of living.
my ego is a document of existence.
new colossus is a monument
of this transformation